At SemaTree, we combine our industry expertise and Application Foundation Framework into solutions that enable your organization to effectively coordinate, communicate and deliver value to your customers.


Custom Development Services

Through our proven Application Foundation Framework and development methodologies, your organization can achieve a high level of project quality and predictable business outcomes while mitigating risk throughout the project lifecycle.

Implementation Services

SemaTree offers application implementation services that help accelerate adoption of your custom developed solutions.  We provide the technical expertise and best practices to help you quickly and effectively implement your most critical projects.

Transition Support Services

Custom-built applications present a wide range of challenges for businesses as they work to balance the requirement to support existing applications with the need to invest in new business initiatives. Transition Support Services helps you address these challenges.

Why SemaTree?

Since 1999, SemaTree has been partnering with customers in building enterprise solutions to address unique, mission-critical, and often complex business requirements.

Our team has over 15 years of experience building custom CRM applications for a wide range of industries, as well as solutions for document-centric organizations.

Through employing our proven SemaTree Application Foundation Framework (SAFF) and development methodologies, companies have achieved superior, predictable business outcomes.

As a result, organizations are able to focus on their core business activities while accelerating time to market, reducing operational costs and minimizing development risks.

SemaTree Application Foundation Framework (SAFF)


Our framework provides the architecture and building blocks for creating the next generation enterprise applications for your organization.  The basic building blocks of the framework are modules, plugins and cloud connectors, all deployed across a multi-tier event-driven architecture. The framework allows the development process to focus on your business domain while delivering applications that are feature rich, have a consistent look and feel and are ready to take advantage of mobile and cloud technology.

The framework's consistency and development methodology culminates in two key benefits:

  1. Predictable project outcomes
  2. Reduced total cost of ownership